Meeting Industry's exacting demands requires innovation of a different kind. The kind that comes naturally to pioneers who had to beat out their own trail to success. It calls for a combination of a twinkle toed mind, a gutsy character and a game changing attitude that defines a true pioneer. In 3D Product Development, you will find one such partner, who brings to the table the priceless experience of having defined standards, chartered new courses and solved problems – without precedents. Founded in the year 2000, 3DPD is the brainchild of Dr. Mukesh Agarwal, one of India's, and the world's foremost experts in Rapid Prototyping. Our expertise and abilities thus stems from knowledge that's been developed and nurtured from the very First principles of the technology 3DPD is also the largest private Service Bureau in India and is the only player in India to have all the Rapid Prototyping Technologies under one roof.


Dr. Mukesh Agarwal : Dr. Mukesh Agarwal, founder of M/S 3D Product Development is an Entrepreneur, Scientist, Consultant, Author, and Speaker Dr. Mukesh Agarwal is Managing Director of 3D Product Development, a private Indian firm he founded in 2000. The company provides technical services and strategic consulting in Rapid Prototyping (RPT) and rapid tooling. Through his company, Dr. Agarwala has provided services to over 500 organizations in India and abroad. For the past 23 years, Dr. Agarwal has focused his education, research, and practice on design, prototyping and materials processing. Over this time, he has authored more than 50 articles, and technical papers and has been awarded 5 patents on Materials and RPT. Prior to starting 3DPD in Bangalore, India, Dr. Agarwal completed his Bachelors Degree in 1988 in Metallurgical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, India. Subsequently, in 1994 he earned his Ph.D. in Materials Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin, USA specializing in RPT Processes and Materials.

Mr. Vikash Agarwal : Mr Vikash Agarwal is an alumnus of Purdue University. He is the driving force of TPT. He has been a consultant for Fortune 500 companies during his tenure in the US. He has worked for more than 15 years in the software industry.

Mr. M. Thiagarajan : Mr Thiagarajan with over 30 years of experience is an expert in the field of investment castings. He is in charge of all R and D and production related activities in TPT. His expertise has helped TPT in understanding and execution of complex castings. Mr Thiagarajan is an alumnus of IIT Madras.

Mr. Kiran Raj : Mr Kiran Raj is in mechanical Engineer and joined 3DPD in its nascent years. Together with Dr. Mukesh, Mr. Kiran has been instrumental in the growth of 3DPD. Starting with the grass roots level of operating RP machines, Mr. Kiran was in charge of setting up of the Pune office in 2005. He was a key member of setting up of 3DPD's sister concern Total Prototyping in the year 2007-08. Along with Dr. Mukesh, he is one of the few people in India with vast knowledge in the field of Rapid Prototyping. Mr. Kiran Raj currently heads the Business Development of 3DPD.

  • April 2012: Added 2 VMC CNC centres for 3D machining.
  • November 2011: Conducted a workshop on " Product Innovation - Concept to reality" at The Taj Gateway , Bangalore.
  • Jan 2011: Inauguration of new state of the art RP facility in Veerasandra Bangalore.
  • April 2008: Started rapid Vacuum Investment Castings through its sister concern Total Prototyping.
  • February 2000: Commenced operations for Rapid Prototyping in Bangalore.